Bend Creative Coding is an introductory computer science program designed for elementary and middle school kids wanting to learn and have fun with computer coding. The program covers the principles of creative thinking and problem solving, explores the types of creations we can make using programming, and dives in to learning how to code. 

In the summer prorams will be storyboarding, concepting, and discussing how to bring our ideas to life on screen. We will be using iPad and laptop-based visual programming languages designed for kids to make games, animations, stories, and other interactive projects. This will be a very collaborative and team-focused environment in which everyone should participate and have fun learning.  There is no need for prior coding or tech experience for the intro classes.




Digital literacy is an important element in today’s ever-changing society. While the influences of technology are everywhere, only a few are learning how to be creators, not just consumers, of tech. Coding can be exciting and confidence-building, and a skill that everyone can learn. The curriculum and programs we will be working with in this class are designed to inspire kids to become makers and bring their own ideas to life.  

Like any language, the skills and confidence picked up at an early age help ensure future competence and interest level. The thinking and problem-solving skills involved in coding can be used in many lifelong pursuits. 




This program targets all kids interested in language, technology, and digital storytelling. We have classes and camps available for students from ages 7-17.  Classes are available to those who have prior experience with coding and also for those with NO technology background. In all classes will be working in a very team-oriented setting, collaborating on fun projects, keeping design journals and learning how programs can be used and created.  

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